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Development prices ranges from simple web development to custom systems software or mobile applications. As recommended by our clients, they would like to see the minimum prices that can be expected. So we created a range of prices for each services. These price ranges are from minimum development and can increase due to the amount of development requested by the client. Which means these prices listed below by definitions are examples of prices to expect. We pride oursleves that all costs must be approved by you as the client before any development can be started.


Unlimited Support & Updates

Our team is available to help you with any issues that you may encounter. The use of technology allows us to better provide lighting fast support. We also offer the traditional over the phone voice support as well during business hours.

Online Video Hosting Platform

We have built online video hosting platforms for our clients.

Increase Annual Sales Revenue by 20%

Our team redesigned the sales operations for a small brick-and-mortar business resulting in generating a 20% increase in their sales annual sales revenue.

In the Market to connect with you

“No tengo tiempo para administrar mi tienda en línea y es por eso que confío en el ángulo de cúmulo con mi tienda en línea.”

Sam Nunez

Product Manager

“We operate mainly on the system that your team has provided for us and that is why our inventory is always accurate and product movement is in real-time. Thank you for being patient with us as well.”

Corey Williams

Warehouse Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions we received from our clients and from the community.

Do you guys offer storage solutions?

We are not offering any storage solution at the moment but we have several business partners that we work within our network that we can refer you to.

We are looking for a mobile gaming app developer services, can you guys provide this type of service?

Unfortunately as of now, we are focused on developing tools for businesses such as any industry that sells online whether the product is being sold is in the form of membership, downloading, or physical items needing to be ship only. Perhaps in the near future, we would like to offer this type of marketing through mobile app gaming.

We currently have a POS system for our store, can you guys integrate with our POS (Point Of Sale) system?

In short, yes we can. However, this will require us to discuss the types of POS system you currently have and if the developer of your POS system permits for integration. Also, some POS system such as Square is integrated simply just by setting up the accounts accordingly.

How long does an online store take to develop?

This is one of those “it depends” answer. An online store for us takes four phases, our first phase is designing the online store and its functionality, the second phase is generating your products and sales strategy, the third phase is making sure your sales and order notifications are going to the right place, and the fourth phase is to make sure you understand the sales process. Sometimes getting content or information about your products take a little longer than expected but we know you are busy and that can cause some delays in the second phase. Once we get all your information needed for the online store, it’s about 2 weeks.

I just need a simple website, can you guys build me one?

Yes, we can build a simple website for you. Most of our client that request for this service is asking for an online presence which means they simply just want a website that provides information about that individual or what any information he wants the public to see when they visit his website. An example would be such as an important community leader who made an impact on the community and just want the community to know more information about him/her. We also have build websites for political campaigning as well and our team has worked with the candidate from the beginning until the end of their campaign.

I am not good with computers but I need an online store, can you guys help?

Yes, we understand that computer or technology can seem intimidating when business owners are looking over the horizon and noticing that giant companies such as Amazon are taking over the sales market online. We can assure you that the online market is only growing but you will not have to worry about complicated jargon and functionalities just to sell online with our system. Our system and tools provide the support to make selling your products online easy to manage and also providing security for your customers.

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We have three locations where we can collaborate locally: Colorado Springs, CO | Fresno, CA | Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Otherwise, a phone call or an email is all it takes for us to reach out to you.

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